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This Photograph Started it All!

In 2009, Lisa DiAntonio took this photo from the top floor of the Lenox Hotel in Boston. This has always been one of her favorites! Five years later, Lisa decided she wanted to print this photo onto fabric and make it into a pillow with the words "For the Love of Boston" on it. This is when Lisa started a search for printers that printed onto fabric. She started with local printers, but none of them printed on fabric. One local printer suggested a place in Maine, but they only printed on large scale banners. With no luck at local printers, Lisa started an online search and discovered the digital fabric printing industry.  This led to even deeper research and Lisa found that not only was it possible to start her own digital fabric printing company, but she could provide a fantastic product at a price that would make customers very happy! On top of it all, Lisa would be fullfilling her dream of being a business owner and doing something that she absolutely had a passion for...fabric, digital design, and sewing.  This dream finallly became a reality when Green Park Studios launched in January 2015.

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