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This week I was a guest designer at Design Night at MAK&CO in Andover, MA. This is a beautiful shop with a fantastic owner. When you walk in you instantly feel at ease and your eyes are carried all over the place! Many designers presented at the event, all with different topics. My topic was ‘how to add interest with art and color’ which was right up my alley.

When it come to adding interest with art, there is sooooo much to talk about, it’s even hard to know where to begin, except for saying that when it comes to hanging art in your home, there really are no rules. I believe that you should hang what speaks to you. It’s doesn’t have to be expensive or trendy either. The one thing that makes art in your home look great is the composition of it. How big is it, how many pieces, what are you hanging (doesn’t all have to be framed art), and where. One big tip: try to find your wall art during your day to day travels and seek it out in Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, at yard sales and thrift shops. It’s everywhere!


One thing I love is large scale art. Sometimes, the bigger the better.. and it has such an impact. This large piece is a vintage schoolhouse map of the USA that is still on the roller! It takes up the entire wall in this eating corner. I personally sourced this one and it is for sale. Check out the details here.

Being someone that loves to seek out vintage finds, I’m always on the hunt for vintage stuff to hang on my walls and the walls of my clients. Last year I met a wonder woman named Kiova. She owns Gold Dust Goods and she has some great vintage finds. This 1960’s UK transit sign came from her and it’s such a fantastic conversation piece. Check out more of her signs in her shop. You will not be disappointed!


Another idea for adding interest with art is to hang meaningful, and sometimes unusual finds on your walls. Remember, wall art does not need to be in a store bought frame! When you are traveling, instead of buying a t-shirt or mug as a souvenir, buy something to put on your wall. It doesn’t have to be big, just memorable. For example, I have a super tiny (like 3″x3″) picture on my kitchen wall right next to the back door. Every time I go by, it reminds me of my trip, and I can even envision the store I bought it in. Going to a foreign country is full of wall art discoveries, like these handmade skulls from Evoke the Spirit in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.


I think you either love a gallery wall or you don’t! I like a gallery wall, but surprisingly there is only one in my own home, just because I have so many other kinds of art. Now there are lots of ways to hang a gallery wall, and there really isn’t a wrong way. You can hang it randomly, but just be sure the spaces between the frames are fairly consistent. You can even mix and match frame color and styles, but one of my favorites is a simple and clean gallery, particularly one that is just three larger pieces in a row, like this one by Chris Loves Julia.

You can also go with a theme for your gallery wall, like this Jaws theme done by one of my favorite designers, Raili Ca Design.


One of my favorite ways to add interest with color is with wallpaper, and in particular, removable wallpaper that comes in the form of wallpaper strips, murals and individual decals that you put up any way you like. My go to for removable wallpaper is surely Urban Walls. I love this company for a few reasons. First, they are family owned and they were started by the mom who was looking to put her graphic design skills to work while she was home with her kids. They also have a great quality product and great designs. Here are a few of what they offer.

Cream shop now

When it comes to traditional wallpapers, my go to for a pop of interest and color is Hygge & West. Their papers are beautiful as well as top quality.


The last way that I like to add interest and color is with rugs and textiles. By far, my favorite rugs are vintage Persian ones. The colors and patterns are simply stunning. These days there are so many companies out there that sell Persian rugs. Two of my favorite are New England Loom and eSaleRugs. I think these two have very fair prices. Look at the color these kinds of rugs add to your space!

When it comes to textiles, for me it is all about the throw pillow! There are thousands and thousands of resources out there for pillow, but I lean towards the custom made ones, as this is where you get something unique and wonderful, plus you are supporting an independent business when you buy a handmade pillow. I make my own pillows for me and my clients, but one of my absolute favorite handmade pillows are by Tulusa Goods. Sue hand stamps her fabric in her home studio and sews each one with her own hands! They are just beautiful. Be sure to check her out!

Well, I hope that you enjoyed reading about how to add interest with art and color! If you want to hear more from me about how to make your space one that you love to walk into every day, be sure to SIGN UP FOR MY NEWSLETTER. You won’t be disappointed.



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