My Favorite Things…Episode 2

Hello everyone!  My first episode of “My Favorite Things” had such a great introduction, and I could’t wait to do another.  So a week later, here it is…Episode Two!  Oh and if you have some favorite things you want to share with me, please pass them along.  Just comment on the post at the bottom of the page.   I look forward to hearing what your favorite things are!

Home decor

I believe that the stuff you hang on your walls is what truly makes your home you. An artist that I discovered a while back, whose art really speaks to me is Clare Elsaesser.  I love her imagery and her use of color.  She lives in California and was schooled in Boston.

People that know me best, know that I love to incorporate vintage and pre-loved finds in all rooms.  There are so many vintage dealers on Etsy, but a favorite is Phineas Street Vintage!  Caroline focuses on eco-conscious mid-century and vintage home decor.  Give her a follow on Instagram.

Household stuff

Being that we are all spending a LOT of time at home, I’m sure we have a lot of time to refresh and clean our houses.  One product that I love to use almost every day to clean my countertops, cabinet fronts, and more is Method All Purpose Cleaner in Pink Grapefruit.  The lavender is great too!

One household task I need work on is my cooking.  I’m ok with it, but I need to find a little more joy in it.  One thing that brings joy to cooking for me are my Barefoot Contessa cookbooks.  All of Ina’s recipes are simple and delicious.  One favorite is the Cape Cod Chopped Salad.  Everyone that I have ever made it for absolutely loves it!

Health & well being

Keeping healthy requires that you drink a lot of water.  I keep my water handy in my Swell Water Bottle with a Liberty of London Print on it, but my favorite thing about this is the sports cap I got for it.  No more twisting the cap off every time I want to take a sip.

In order to bring peace to my life here with my family 100% of the day, every day, I’ve committed to more meditation.  I’m not very good at doing it on my own, so I use the help of an app called Insight Timer.  I love it.  I’ve already discovered a favorite person to listen to, and that’s Sarah Blondin.  Thank you to my friend Sarah for introducing me to her!

fashion & beauty

I love to exercise, and I love to wear an outfit I feel confident in when I go to my barre classes, spin classes or HIIT classes.  Being a cost conscious person, I also don’t want to spend $98 on a pair of leggings.  In my many trials and errors, I found these on Amazon.  I absolutely love them. They are thick and suck you in.

I have been using the same brand of mascara for YEARS!  I have not changed because I love it.  This mascara by Kevyn Aucion is the best!  It’s the curling mascara and when you wash it off it comes off in little tubes.

I hope you get a chance to give some of these a try!  I’m keeping a list of my favorite things and I look forward to sharing more soon!  And again, leave a comment below on some of your favorite things! Cheers and Keep Safe and Healthy,

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