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Thank-You for your interest in utilizing the talent in our community.
We are thrilled to bring together sewing talents from all over!

Best of all, the Seamstress Finder is a FREE service for everyone.

Now for the official stuff: All seamstresses are freely posting their serivces and are not employed by Green Park Studios. Green Park Studios is not responsible for the interactions between the customer and seamstress. All shipping costs to and from the seamstress are the responsibility of the customer. Green Park Studios is not responsible for quality or timeframe of the sewing service.

Our goal with the Seamstress Finder is to connect those who sew with those who need sewing done! We hope that this service is helpful for everyone. If you do feel that you had issues with a seamstress you used, please contact us. On the other hand, if you find that your seamstress was FABULOUS, please let us know! As we build our network of seamstresses, we will rely on customer feedback so that we can offer the best resource possible!