Tour of a Beautiful Mexican Home

This past year, I visited the beautiful city of San Miguel de Allende twice (once with my family and once on an interior design retreat run by Desha Peacock of Sweet Spot Style). The year before, I went once on my first interior design retreat, and I plan to return again! The city is smack dab in the middle of Mexico, high in the mountains, about a four hour drive north of Mexico City. It’s full of art, culture, great food, fun nightlife, and a plethora of beautiful homes! As for the weather, it’s perfect. Many describe it as eternal spring! If you love interiors, this is surely a place to visit. Two of my visits to San Miguel, I stayed in a beautiful private home in the La Aldea neighborhood, about a seven minute walk from the center of the city.

Typical of all homes in San Miguel, the front of the home is very unassuming. Most homes look very similar from the street with one large wooden door, and only a couple windows, but when you walk through that door, it’s amazing what you will find!

When you open the door, you walk into a covered hallway, but then, before you enter the main house, you walk through the stunning outdoor space, through a covered walkway.

You enter the home directly into the open kitchen and living room with a top of the line kitchen, a gas fireplace and a stunning water feature in an alcove behind glass and iron doors.

Also on the first floor is a a mini suite with kitchenette, a master suite, and an office.

As you head up the stone stairs with a custom artisan made railing and chandelier, you will find three more bedrooms and a second living room area.

Off of almost all rooms on the second floor, there is access to the large roof deck area where you can have your morning coffee, stretch out with some yoga, or simply admire the view.

Heading to the first floor and back outside, you will find a professionally manicured yard and gardens (with a rope swing for the kids!), a heated pool and attached hot top, a covered patio area, and a sitting area with a spot for grilling.

When we return to San Miguel, we will have to stay at a different home, as this one recently sold for a mere $2.5 million US Dollars! That’s ok though, as there are so many wonderful places to stay in this city. This past April, when my husband and I went down for a handful of days, we stayed at a new boutique hotel called The Brooklane, which has a Miami meets San Miguel vibe. If you ever do decide to visit, drop me a note. I can tell you all about it!


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